A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

One Shot, One Kill is a two player, local multiplayer, arena shooter.

I was part of the four man team who developed One Shot, One Kill over the course of six weeks. I was project manager and level designer of of the ruined city level. I also did the bench and street light models.


Left Stick: Move

Right Stick: Camera

X and Y: Powers

Right Trigger: Fire

Right Bumper: Change Fire Type

Install instructions

This game requires 2 xbox (or equivalent) controllers.  Once the game opens you will be brought to the menu where you will pick powers and maps. There are two maps, one close quarters small map (Warehouse) and one sprawling large map (Ruined City).

Download the zip file. 

Unzip the file

Launch OSOK exe


OSOK Build.zip 27 MB

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