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Play as one of four Archaeologists as they work together to overcome obstacles. However, be wary, for greed overcomes all. Only one person can make it out of the tomb with the treasure alive, will you be the winner or will you be the stepping stone to someone else's success?

This is an analog game that I worked on as part of a four man group. I was in charge of the concept of a tile building system and quality control on the item and hazard card even going so far as to rewrite some of them.

Install instructions

On this page you can download a zip folder that has almost everything you need to play The Curse of Butkintuch's Tomb. After unzipping and opening the folder you will get an organized folder system containing: Boards, Character trackers, Hazard cards, Item cards, board tiles, and the rules. some of the cards and tiles require multiple copies to be printed and that number is specified in the file title. The only things this file doesn't give you that you will need is a six-sided die, pawns or other such thing to show characters moving around the board, and the X  and Circle markers for unusable rooms and keeping track of health and Sanity.


Everything for Game.zip 7 MB

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