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It’s Thursday, and today is yet another completely unnecessary and startlingly useless, yet still somehow mandatory, Art Appreciation class in the McKay building.  You walk into the dark classroom to find the jarring scene of a brutal murder. Everyone’s favorite bus driver, Ms.Frazzle, is found murdered on the scene.  Paint brushes and art supplies are strewn about the room, and a thin layer of paint coats the bottom of your shoes as you move around in shock. At that moment, several members of the faculty enter the room to see you and your friends standing over the dead body and your footprints all over the room.  They look at you and shout “What have you done?  HELP!  Police!  They’ve murdered Ms. Frazzle!”  In the distance you can hear sirens and what sounds like low, guttural laughter.  A voice, pitched just softly enough that the faculty can’t hear it says, “You are next.  Run run little rabbits…” 

This is a game that I worked on as part of a three man development project. developed over the course of a month and I was in charge of the design of the game board. I also worked as an editor to the rules and the event system was my addition.

Install instructions

The zip file contain the Rules document and a JPEG of the Game board and two font files. you will be able to read the rules without the fonts but some of the formatting may be off. The rules document has the characters, characteristics, and event sheets in it. It Does not contain pieces/markers for the players and killer. You will also need a 20-sided Die for the events in the game.


McKay Killer All.zip 359 kB

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